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Listen UP Series: Linguistic Diversity in the Work Place

Vybrent Quick Tips when using a second language in an interview!

Most can agree, that advancing in our respected careers not only fosters a sense of accomplishment but also provides a more secure path that can propel us into our life's mission. As we embark on our journey, we often have to dedicate time and effort, as well as have to undergo interviews to prove our competence. We have yet to meet a client that is a fan of being interviewed. They are not a piece of cake, especially when your dream career or promotion is on the line. Many individuals who have English as an additional language have expressed how difficult it can be to interview for their desire position, new job, or highly sought out promotion. Our team has prepare the following tips to consider when interviewing when using a second language.


Prior to the interview, research & practice aloud the names of the interviewer(s), name of the company, & key vocabulary in the industry. Use a coach, friend, or video to attain feedback.

TIP #2 = Be AWARE!

Monitor your speaking rate. When nervous, interviewees tend to increase their rate of speech. Talking quickly results in interviewees being misunderstood. In addition, when speaking fast, one tends to leave out sounds & syllables, making an interviewer work harder to fully understand the message.


Focus on the skill sets that make you qualified for the position, rather than showing any insecurities you have about your pronunciation. It is advantageous to share your knowledge versus being self-conscious and holding back the plethora of information that you know!


If you are working on your pronunciation with a coach or in a class, it may be in your favor to share that information. Interviewers often value employees who are constantly working towards self-improvement.

TIP #5 = Be YOU!

Embrace your accent! Companies are looking for ways to increase their cultural and linguistic inclusivity. Your accent & culture are valuable & aspects of what makes you unique.

If you need help or have questions about any of our American English Pronunciation Services or Professional Communication Coaching, reach out to us at info@vybrence. We offer free a15-minute consultation.


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