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No. There is a sensitive period in which we can speak a new language, if immersed in it, without articulation differences; however, when this window closes, an accent develops when speaking the acquired language. We at Vybrence do not support eliminating accents, as accents are beautiful and a part of one's culture and identity. 

Accent modification or, as we like to refer to it, American English accent management training serves to educate non-native speakers on the sound rules of the English language to enhance overall clarity in communication. Our clients learn these patterns and language style and chose to use this information as they see fit. Many individuals seek accent management services to increase overall clarity when speaking American English for professional and social purposes so that their wants, needs, ideas, and opinions are understood by others effortlessly.

Anyone for any reason!  If you need to improve your communication abilities, we are happy to help!  

Yes! We can work with businesses or professional institutions, as well as work with individuals one-on-one, to help increase communication style, pronunciation, non-verbal communication, writing abilities, presentation skills, public speaking skills, negotiation and interviewing skills, etc. Services are customizable. 

Unfortunately no. Both accent management training and professional communication coaching are elective services. There is no medical disorder or diagnosis.  This is NOT speech-language therapy.  Please contact your employer to see if professional development stipends can be applied. We are happy to provide you with documentation for need of services to your place of employment if requested. 

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