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Wondering how to improve your American English pronunciation or enhance your communication skills in professional settings? Check out our programs, schedule your FREE 15-minute consultation , and submit the intake form below the quiz. The intake form provided must be completed & received prior to commencing any of our accent modification / American English pronunciation training programs or professional communication coaching. 

Do not forget to test your American English language and pronunciation skills by filling out our quiz.

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Select the correct pronunciation of "COLONEL"
What is the meaning of the idiom "on cloud nine?"
Which of these sentences ends with rising intonation?
The slang word "CRASH" means...
What word is pronounced exactly the same as "HEAL?" (aka homophones!)
Where is the stress in the verb PROJECT (e.g., Our company is going to project earnings)?
Select the correct pronunciation of "SOLDER"
Which of the following sentences correctly uses they’re, there, &/or their?

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Intake Form

Intake Form