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Are you Considering a career in speech & language pathology?

The field of speech-language pathology is an exciting and multi-faceted career.  Having proper knowledge and training will help one grow into a dynamic and successful speech-language pathologist.  Our team at Vybrence have supervised graduate-level student clinicians in private practices and in graduate programs at various universities. They recognize how crucial it is to provide effective guidance and support to those starting new in the field. 

Vybrence works in partnerships with SLP students to provide consultations in the following areas:

  • Assistance in phonetic (IPA), including broad and narrow transcriptions

  • Assistance in coursework

  • Consultations for evaluations, report writing, and use of professional language/ terminology

  •  Consultations for providing unique therapeutic materials and activities for intervention and assessment

  • And much more!  Don't forget to ask about our student rates!!!

For Inquiries 

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