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How to Slang the Right Way at Work

Many of you can relate to a day filled with conversations via Zoom meetings, emails, and phone calls! We usually do not think twice about the amount of figurative language (slang, idioms, expressions) used during these interactions, unless… you are using language other than your primary language. Those of you who are clients know we typically start our sessions inquiring about challenging words or phrases during the week. We have gathered some of the slang that some of our clients have inquired about as they heard them used in their business meetings and thought we would share them with you!

#1 Take a crack at it

I’ll take a crack at fixing the copy machine.

Meaning: To try something you are not necessarily an expert in

#2 A train wreck:

That project was a train wreck from the start. It had no chance of success!

Meaning: Something or someone that is disastrous, falling apart, unorganized. Literally think of how disastrous it would be if a train derailed!

#3 Gain more traction

I am hoping that by going to the convention that our product will gain more traction

Meaning: To get a little bit of success so it can take off. Think about a tire gaining traction on the road to move forward.

#4 Give someone the boot

He is not meeting hi

s sales goals, so we may need to give him the boot

Meaning: Not wanted anymore, in business it could refer to firing

#5 I was the dumbfounded

I was dumbfounded by his response to our boss!

Meaning: Astonished, shocked, surprised

If you have any slang you would like us to explain and use in a sentence, email us We’d be happy to prepare this content with you!


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