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BOO To You, From Our Vybrence Crew!

What Do You Pumpkin?

In the recent years, people in the U.S. are becoming more aware of children’s different needs and preferences and promoting a positive trick-or-treating experience. You might want to be on the lookout for or put out different pumpkin colors. These can be real pumpkins painted or pumpkin baskets of different colors. Here’s what the colors represent:

Teal pumpkins: This indicates the home provides allergy friendly treats (can be non-edible goodies such as small toys, pencils, stickers, etc.).

Dark blue pumpkins: This indicates that an individual has autism or the household is sensitive to the needs of those with autism. If the trick-or-treater is holding a blue pumpkin, it may indicate that their social and communication skills may be different than others. If a household has a blue pumpkin, they may be sensitive to not providing an overstimulating environment.

Purple pumpkins: This indicates that the people in the home want to spread awareness about epilepsy.

Impress People with Your Spooky Slang

Skeleton in the Closet: something embarrassing or bad about someone’s past that is kept a secret

Used in a sentence: I wanted to find out if he had any skeletons in the closet before I went on another date.

Over my Dead Body: You will do everything you can to prevent something from happening

Used in a sentence: When the son asked his father if he could get a tattoo, he commented, “over my dead body.”

Ghost Town: A deserted place where there are few or no people

Used in a sentence: This town used to be lively and robust and since the hurricane it is a ghost town.

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