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Tips You Can Give to the New Grad!

Graduation season is upon us!

Once the diploma is received, the celebrations are over, and the cap and gown is put away, then comes the REAL WORLD! Although this time can be exciting, it can be equally overwhelming and scary to pursue your first real career. Give yourself or your new graduate an edge on rocking out on their first interviews. Here’s a start with some professional communication tips. And don’t forget, gift your graduate the unique and valuable present of a Professional Communication Coaching Session(s)! They will be thanking you for years to come!

Interview Tips for the New Graduate

Tip #1: Be Open with Your Body Language.

Closed body language: crossing arms in front of chest, hiding hands under desk/behind back,

holding an object

Open body language: Show & use your hands to greet, gesture, emphasize

Why: Creates openness and trust and increases perception of confidence

Tip #2: Smile

Cold: Greeting & engaging in small talk with a flat affect

Warm: Smiling & looking interested

Why: Showing that you are warm is important to demonstrate that you are an approachable person

Tip #3: Be Concise

More: Repeating your point several times or adding excessive details

Less: Keep your responses to the point & on topic

Why: Allows the interviewer to listens to your idea with ease & demonstrates communication

proficiency in converting your ideas into words

Tip #4: Pause

Fast: When speaking fast, you are more likely to have "filler words" (i.e., "um" "like" etc).

Slow: Take a pause or a breath to reduced the amount of filler words, as well as to

increase the quality of your voice.

Why: Clear voice and fluent speech increases your credibility

Tip #5: Eye Contact

Too Much: Excessively staring at one person or not breaking eye contact.

Too Little: Looking down, away, or at irrelevant items in the room.

Why: Having an appropriate amount of eye contact increases your trustworthiness


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