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We believe that you are vibrant. You are unique. You are capable of success. You are worthy of being heard. Most importantly, you have the right to be understood and valued for your thoughts, ideas, & individuality.  We dedicate our time, passion, and expertise in American English pronunciation training and professional communication coaching to those seeking to enhance their communication abilities for greater success.



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Are you ready to own your expression? Here is what we can do for you! 

As leaders in
American English pronunciation training (accent modification), professional communication coaching (corporate speech training), and speech-language pathology, we provide the tools, resources, and training to help you or your organization achieve great success in all areas of communication to help meet the ever-changing demands of your profession or business and the dynamic facets of your social interactions. We work collaboratively and creatively with our clients to maximize the use of the skills gained in our programs.

Our programs are designed to enhance professional image, confidence, leadership skills, and self-awareness by analyzing and targeting various areas of communication, including speaking with clarity, confidence, and ease; increasing interaction styles to foster better networking and connection among professional and personal relationships; promoting and supporting cultural diversity for successful expansion and growth; enhancing public speaking to facilitate meaningful impact on your audience; utilizing active listening and problem-solving when in leadership roles; and much more!  




Show the world how bold you are!  

As a result of obtaining and demonstrating exceptional leadership and communication skills through our training and coaching programs, you or the members of your organization will achieve greater confidence across all speaking engagements, gain trust and respect of peers, speak effectively to enhance productivity and goal attainment, lessen moments of communicative breakdowns or misunderstandings, and have the skill sets needed to achieve great growth among positive interactions.   


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Our Services & Programs

We are excited to provide customizable services to those seeking American English pronunciation training, also known as accent modification or American accent management training, and professional communication consultation services. Although based in Chicago, we provide services across the United States and internationally.  All services are conducted virtually using a secure platform. Group sessions are also available.  Learn more about a free screening/ consultation below.

Explore our services & get ready to make an impact. 

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Free Screenings &  30-minute Consultations 

All Sessions are Virtual!

Sessions are virtual and provide the following benefits:

  • flexible scheduling

  • easily accessible

  • elimination of  travel and wait times

  • increased privacy and secure conferencing

  • a research supported, effective method of service delivery

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